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Dr. Caiping Cai Associate professor(蔡彩平 副教授)

Date: 2015-04-14



  Name: Cai Caiping 蔡彩平

    Ph. D


    Work Phone: 086 25 84395311







   Education and Work Experience


1998-2002,Shanxi Agricultural UniversityB.S., Agronomy

2002-2005, Shanxi Agricultural UniversityM.S., Genetics & Crop Breeding

2005-2009,Nanjing Agricultural UniversityPh.D., Genetics & Crop Breeding 

2009-2014,Nanjing Agri. Univ. Lecturer

2015-    , Nanjing Agri. Univ. Associate professor


Awards and Group Memberships


2010  The Winner of Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertation

2012  Zhongshan academic talent of Nanjing Agricultural University


Research areas


Functional genomics & Molecular breeding




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