Prof. Xueying Guan (关雪莹教授)

Date: 2015-03-28




  2014 – 至今,南京农业大学,教授

  2008 – 2014,美国University of Texas at Austin, 博士后

  2002 – 2008, 中科院上海植物生理生态研究所,博士

  1998 – 2002,中央民族大学, 本科      







2014 – present, Nanjing Agricultural University, Professor

2008 – 2014, University of Texas at Austin, Postdoctoral Fellow

2002 – 2008, The Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology (SIPPE), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Shanghai, China


Xueying Guan has been dedicated to cotton functional genomics and genetics for a decade. The main research interest includes the cotton fiber fate determination in allotetraploid upland cotton, plant epidermal cell differentiation and epigenetics in cotton genome. By applying the model plant Arabidopsis into the functional exploring in cotton genome, a sustainable and fast mutant library for cotton new gene function testing is established in her lab.



•      Novel cotton fiber gene function identification

•      Plant epidermal cell differentiation

•      Plant functional genetics, epigenetics and genomics

•      Gene regulation in polyploidy genomes, crop genomes

•      Translational genetics by taking advantage of the model plant Arabidopsis