Molecular Breeding in Cotton Research Team

Date: 2015-03-20


Our research focuses on mining the molecular markers tightly linked with fiber yield, quality, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and other important agronomic traits, and developing new transgenic cotton germplasm for genetic and breeding utilization. We have set up a series of the comprehensive technology systems including genome-wide SSR, SNP markers development, high-throughput screening of molecular markers for agronomic importance, functional genes identification, tissue culture and genetic transformation construction, marker-assisted pyramiding multi-traits, and so on. Based on these, we have isolated and targeted large numbers of candidate genes/QTLs related to the important agronomic traits. By using the transgenic technologies and the modified backcross pyramiding breeding system based on MAS, a batch of elite germplasm lines which exhibited high-yield, super-quality and multi-resistance have been developed. These lines could be effectively used for new cotton cultivars breeding and will significantly improve the breeding efficiency.


Main Research Interests:

1.  Establishing research platforms for genes/QTLs mapping of agronomic importance and molecular-marker assisted breeding;

2.  Genes cloning associated with important agronomic traits and transgenic elite germplasm development;

3.  Construction of molecular breeding by design system and new cultivars development